Top 5 Hunter Adjustable Rain Boots For Women

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Heading out in the rain can make you positively giddy when you’ve got Hunter adjustable rain boots waiting in your closet. These all-natural leather boots feel so comfy on your feet that they’re a joy to wear, and you’ll be even happier to find your toes pleasantly warm and dry once you take them off. 

From the original tall boot launched 50 years ago, Hunter has created numerous models to cater to the style preferences and specific needs of their vast clientele. Since you can get rain boots of different heights, designs, colors, and textures, it might be a bit tough to just stick to a single item in your shopping cart, but this guide should help you narrow it down.

Check out the top Hunter adjustable rain boots for women:

Comparison Chart

HUNTER Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots Black Gloss 5
Hunter Original Back Adjustable Womens Wellington Boots 5 B(M) US Women Hunter Green
Hunter Womens Original Short Dark Ion Pink Rain Boot – 6 B(M) US
HUNTER Original Short Back Adjustable Rain Boots Black 5 M
HUNTER Original Refined Rain Boots Black 5 M

Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boots

Key Features

  • 100% natural rubber with a glossy finish
  • Vulcanized for total waterproof protection
  • Adjustable side buckle for improved fit
  • Fits as expected 66% of the time (see tip below)
  • Available variations: 36

It’s a testament to the quality of Hunter’s time-tested manufacturing process that their original design still makes it into households all over the country several decades after it was introduced. You won’t be disappointed by ending your search right here and simply sticking with the Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boot.

There are a variety of finishes to choose from but the glossy ones look particularly stylish. Each one is made from 28 separate parts manually cut from a single sheet of natural rubber. Hunter continues to use the much the same assembly process in putting the boot together using their bespoke aluminum last. 

The result is an amazingly sturdy and comfortable pair of rain boots that you can adjust to your preferred fit. It’s highly recommended that you use the sizing guide to determine the best size in order to avoid getting boots that end up too difficult to pull on. Going for a size a bit larger than your usual will be safer since you’d want to wear some socks to add an extra layer between your feet and the rubber. 

Hunter Women’s Original Back Adjustable Rain Boots


Key Features

  • Natural latex with nylon lining
  • Seamless and waterproof 
  • Backstrap and buckle for a better fit
  • Fits as expected 75% of the time
  • Available variations: 8

There’s really not much to differentiate these Hunter adjustable back rain boots from the original tall boot, other than the namesake strap and buckle being placed at the back instead of on the side. It’s seam-sealed after assembly so it’s fully waterproof, and its natural latex material keeps your feet well-protected from deep puddles. 

Comfort-wise, you’ll enjoy walking in the rain when you’ve got a multi-layer sponge insole cushioning your every step, while its high-traction rubber outsole adds plenty of grip even on wet ground. You’ll look forward to the days when you can traipse across the countryside or wade through the city streets while it’s raining, just so you can show off your back rain boots.

Hunter Women’s Original Short Rain Boots


Key Features

  • 100% natural vulcanized rubber 
  • Waterproof calf-high boot 
  • Skid-resistant outsole
  • Fits as expected 77% of the time
  • Available variations: 25

If you find tall rain boots to be a bit too long for your liking, these calf-high Hunter short adjustable rain boots might be the perfect pair for you. Despite its shorter size, it’s still made following the same process as the original: from 28 hand-cut rubber parts into a single waterproof boot. Its textile-lined interior and cushioned footbed make it just as comfy as other Hunter boots, while its shorter length can make it easier to pull on and match with the rest of your outfit.

Hunter Women’s Original Short Back Adjustable Rain Boots


Key Features

  • 100% latex with nylon layer
  • Calf-high, waterproofed
  • Adjustable strap at the back of the shaft
  • Fits as expected 75% of the time
  • Available variations: 5

These Hunter short adjustable rain boots combine the two previous models into one, by placing the buckled strap at the back of the calf-length shaft instead of the side. This makes it much easier to pull on and adjust to a snug fit, making them ideal for denim jeans and other long pants. There aren’t other differences that make this distinct from the other two except you get far fewer colors and finishes with this one, but if that’s not important, these Hunter adjustable rain boots are every bit as comfy and protective as any pair in this list. 

Hunter Original Refined Rain Boots


Key Features

  • 100% natural rubber with polyester lining
  • Waterproof with buckled inset 
  • Slim fit with smoother contours
  • Fits as expected 68% of the time
  • Available variations: 7

Hunter Original Refined Rain Boots are the perfect choice if you put a premium on stylish looks and you’re not too concerned about bad weather in your area. It has a much slimmer fit than most rain boots in the brand’s lineup, and it features fewer grooves and an overall smoother profile, making it fantastic for skinny jeans or knee-high skirts that let you show off your amazing boots. 

You still get the same level of waterproofing that you’d expect from Hunter, and its polyester-lined interior and molded footbed make each step easy and lightweight. Don’t be surprised at the appreciative (or envious) looks you get when you walk into a room with these on. 

Stylish rainy day protection from Hunter adjustable boots

Hunter adjustable rain boots successfully combined function and aesthetic in their huge line of rain boots. But what really continues to put them among the best brands of rainy day essentials is the trusted durability of their products. Simply put, expect your Hunter adjustable back rain boots to outlast many, many days of heavy rainfall. You’ll feel much more confident and brave venturing out into stormy weather and wet terrains when you’ve got your Hunter rain boots shielding your feet.

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